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Thomas P. Murtha


Thomas P. Murtha is Professor of Management in the College of Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and also affiliated with the Strategic Management Research Center at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. He is the co-author of Managing New Industry Creation: Global Knowledge Formation and Entrepreneurship in High Technology, a book about the corporate strategies and business history of the Flat Panel Display Industry (Stanford University Press, December, 2001), and an Amazon Top-25-selling technology management book for 2002. He currently serves as co-coordinator of the Alfed P. Sloan Foundation research network on globalization of industries. Tom received his Ph.D. from New York University and has served on the faculty and as coordinator of doctoral studies in international business at the University of Michigan Business School. He has given hundreds of presentations on such topics as global new industry creation and national competitiveness for industry, government, and academic audiences across Asia, Europe and North America. His academic articles have appeared in such outlets as The Strategic Management Journal, The Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, The Academy of Management Journal, and The Journal of International Business Studies. He is a former associate editor and current department editor of the Journal of International Business Studies, responsible for the Technology and Innovation department.


Managerial thinking and global strategic change in complex organizations, Global technology management, The global flat panel display industry, and Pacific rim economic integration.

Representative Publications

Murtha, Thomas P., Stefanie Ann Lenway and Richard P. Bagozzi. "Global Mind-Sets and Cognitive Shift in a Complex Multinational Corporation."Strategic Management Journal, 19 (2), February, 1998: 97-114. (Reprinted in Cary L. Cooper and William H. Starbuck, eds., Work, Contexts and Consequences. Volume 1. London, Sage: 2005: 225-247)

Spencer, Jennifer W., Thomas P. Murtha and Stefanie A. Lenway. "How Governments Matter to New Industry Creation," Academy of Management Review, Apri1, 2005: 321-337.

Murtha, Thomas P. "The Metanational Firm in Context: Competition in Knowledge-driven Industries." Advances in International Management 16, 2004: 101-136.

Murtha, Thomas P., Stefanie Ann Lenway and Jeffrey A. Hart, Managing New Industry Creation: Global Knowledge Formation and Entrepreneurship in High Technology. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2001.


Murtha, Thomas P. and Stefanie Ann Lenway. "Country Capabilities and the Strategic State: How National Political Institutions Affect Multinational Corporations' Strategies." Strategic Management Journal Summer, 1994: 113-129.

Murtha, Thomas P. "Surviving Industrial Targeting: State Credibility and Public Policy Contingencies in Multinational Subcontracting." Journal of Law, Economics and Organization. Spring, 1991: 117-43.

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