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Kouros Mohammadian


Kouros Mohammadian is a Professor of Transportation Systems and Head of Civil and Materials Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He received his PhD from the University of Toronto in 2001. His research has covered various areas of transportation planning including travel behavior analysis, modeling of activity and travel patterns, travel surveys, computational analysis of transportation systems, agent-based microsimulation models, and freight and logistics modeling. Kouros has authored/co-authored over 270 scholarly publications in scientific journals, conference proceedings, book chapters, and reports. He is the editor of Journal of Transportation Letters and currently serves as Committee Chair of TRB’s “Traveler Behavior and Values” committee (ADB10). He has also chaired two subcommittees of the Behavioral Processes (ADB10-4), and New Technologies in Travel Surveys (ABJ40-4). He has received the Ryuichi Kitamura award, Fred Burggraf award, and Charley Wootan award from TRB, recognizing his contributions to transportation research.



Transportation Planning and Travel Demand Forecasting, Transportation Cost Modeling, Performance Evaluation of Transportation Systems, Traffic Engineering and Signal Control, Applications of New Technologies in Transportation, Microsimulation of Urban Activities, Urban Transportation and Land-Use Systems, Applied Econometrics and Data Mining.

Representative Publications

Doherty, S. T. and A. Mohammadian. Application of Artificial Neural Network Models to Activity Scheduling Time Horizon. Transportation Research Record, No. 1854, 2003, pp. 43-49.

Mohammadian, A. and S. Doherty, Mixed Logit Model of Activity Scheduling Time Horizon Incorporating Spatial-Temporal Flexibility Variables, Transportation Research Record, No. 1926, 2005, pp. 33-40.

Mohammadian, A. and S. T. Doherty. Modeling Activity Scheduling Time Horizon: Duration of Time between Planning and Execution of Pre-Planned Activities, forthcoming in the Journal of Transportation Research-Part A, 2006.

Miller, E., M. Roorda, M. Haider, and A. Mohammadian, Empirical Analysis of Travel and Housing Expenditures in the Greater Toronto Area, Transportation Research Record, No. 1898, 2004, pp. 191-201.

Mohammadian, A., and E. J. Miller. Empirical Investigation of Vehicle Type Choice Decisions. Transportation Research Record, No. 1854, 2003, pp. 99-106.

Mohammadian, A., and E. J. Miller. Dynamic Modeling of Household Automobile Transactions. Transportation Research Record, No. 1831, 2003, pp. 98-105.

Mohammadian, A., and E. J. Miller. Nested Logit Models and Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting Household Automobile Choices, Transportation Research Record, No. 1807, 2002, pp. 92-100.

Mohammadian, A., and E. J. Miller. Estimating the expected price of vehicles in a transportation microsimulation modeling system, Journal of Transportation Engineering, ASCE, 128(6), 2002, pp. 537-541.


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